How to apply

A person applies for Guardianship by filling in an application and a medical report that can be obtained from the office of the Registrar of the Guardianship Board or via the links below. According to law (Article 189(3) of the Civil Code and Article 521 of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure), the request for Guardianship can be made by:

  • A person with a disability or mental disorder who wishes to have a Guardian appointed
  • Spouses of persons with disability or mental disorder
  • Relatives of persons with disability or mental disorder
  • The Attorney General, unless the demand is made by any other person
    If you require assistance in understanding and completing the application, please contact the
    Registrar of the Guardianship Board.

The Guardianship Order

When the Guardianship Board appoints a Guardian, a Guardianship Order is issued. The Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction is notified of this Order.

Normally financial institutions, such as banks will request to see this before any transactions are made on behalf of the adult. If you experience any difficulty in using your Order, please contact us.

It is the responsibility of the guardian to keep the Guardianship Order in a safe place.